Mobile Is Our Past – PC And Console Are Our Future

Our team has been working together for over ten years with our newest member(s) bringing some fresh blood to our DNA. However, if you are a PC or console only player you may not have heard of us before, but we take pride in having built one of the best mobile games studios in the world with over 30 console-style 3D mobile titles under our belt.

We have won numerous prestigious awards and with our previous studio we became “Best German Games Studio” in 2011 based on our pioneer work and continuous performance in 3D mobile gaming. Our biggest success has been the critically acclaimed space shooter series Galaxy on Fire (1, 2, Add-ons Valkyrie and Supernova) with over 30,000,000 installs on mobile devices and we couldn’t be more excited to have the core GoF team on board again.

While our heritage is AAA mobile gaming, we are super excited about PC and console games. Equipped with the unlimited possibilities of the Unreal Engine 4 and the rendering ans computing power of new consoles and gaming PCs we are thrilled to create outstanding gaming experiences as an independent studio built by veterans with more than ten years of joint team experience in creating space games in particular.

If you are interested in joining our seasoned team hell-bent on making kick-ass PC and console games send us an email to jobs[at]