• Ceto / Alcyone Station

    by DarkChaos

  • Ceto / Ceto Orbit

    by ItsYFP

  • Ceto

    by Ollibyte

  • Union / Ceto Transit Gate

    by DarkChaos

  • Ceto / Outlaw Outpost

    by YASV

  • Khaït Nebular

    by Exel

  • Khaït Nebular / Athor I

    by DarkChaos

  • Union / Noah Damaris Starport

    by YASV

  • Crystal Cave

    by ItsYFP

  • Union / Freelancer Outpost

    by ItsYFP

  • Union / Noah Damaris Starport

    by ItsYFP

  • Union / Ayres Relay Station

  • Ceto / Asteroid Field

    by Kizaw

  • Union / Zharkov Border Control

    by Whisky Dancer

  • Ceto / Nephtys Plains

    by AceOfBlades

  • Ceto / Palamounts Wound

    by ItsYFP

ROCKFISH Games is an independent gaming studio, specialized in creating high-quality 3D space games for PC and consoles in Unreal Engine 4. It was founded by mobile games veterans Michael Schade and Christian Lohr, who have been joint entrepreneurs in the space of 3D graphics for over 25 years. As founders and managers of Fishlabs Entertainment, they spearheaded 3D mobile gaming for almost a decade before they took on a new adventure with ROCKFISH Games.

“While we will never forget what mobile as a gaming platform did for us, we are thrilled about the unlimited opportunities for creating and self-publishing digital premium games on PC and consoles. In combination with Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 4 being available at no upfront fees, even small teams can deliver top-notch gaming experiences across PC, Xbox and PlayStation to their fans, directly.”

Michael Schade, CEO & Co-Founder

Our Games

As a veteran AAA mobile games dev team, we rebooted as ROCKFISH Games to venture into PC and console gaming in 2014. We raised $475K on Kickstarter for EVERSPACE, a roguelike spaceship shooter, which became a surprise hit with over one million copies sold on PC, Xbox, PS4, and Switch.

Thanks to this commercial success, we were able to make a giant leap and start creating an open-world spaceship shooter with RPG elements, tons of loot, deep exploration and tell an even larger story in EVERSPACE 2. For our new title, we have recently managed to raise over $550k on Kickstarter and are now working closely with our community towards Steam Early Access in late 2020.

Our Studio

We believe that working together with a friendly bunch of talented and passionate people on a cohesive vision is the foundation for creating something truly outstanding. Just like most game dev professionals, we spend most of our lifetime at our studio, so we appreciate a positive and quiet working environment with enough space and top working equipment for each and every one. As much as we love what we do, everyone in our team also enjoys having a private life. Which is why we don’t crunch. Period.

Our Journey

While our heritage is AAA mobile gaming, we are super excited about creating high-quality PC and console premium games. Empowered by the unlimited possibilities of Unreal Engine 4, we are thrilled to create compelling gaming experiences as a truly independent studio, built by seasoned entrepreneurs and veteran devs with over a decade of joint team experience. Infused with a healthy dose of young talents keeping our DNA fresh, we seek to create internationally successful action games by mixing proven gameplay mechanics with new ideas, accessible controls, stunning visuals, top-notch audio and clever storytelling.